Mantra - Al Holbrook / Preview
Show Sun Over The Universe

Music to relax and quiet your mind .....soundscape of Yoga, Meditation, and Relaxation

Let There Be Sun - SUN / Preview

One of the funkiest classic funk albums around!!! Check out the explosive bass playing on this Album.

A Little Piece Of Heaven / Preview

Compared to D'Angelo, Ferrah Dae is a soulful vocalist, musician extraordinaire and a great creative song writer.

System Addict - 5 Star / Preview

In these songs, the sounds of Dance and Soul come together with brilliant vocals in the hit style of 5 Star. (Brit Award Winners)

Century of Soul Volume 1 - Various Artists / Preview

The Ohio Players have and always will be the innovators of funk and R'n'B music. Selling multi-Gold and multi-Platinum records.

Live At The Greek Theater - Heatwave / Preview

Heatwave perform Golden Hits written by former member, Rod Temperton (Writer of Michael Jacksons Thriller), at the Famous Hollywood Greek Theater.

We Make You Groove - BlackMac / Preview

BLACKMAC IS comprised of Terrance Black: Keys, Lead Vocal, Writer, Producer, Arranger, Programmer and Dancer AND Benjamin Macklin Jr.: Lead Vocal, Writer, Producer/Arranger.

Heart Dont Change My Mind-Robert Guillaume / Preview

Robert Guillaume sings songs written by Dianne Warren and from the Disney Movie (Pocohantas) featuring "The Pips".

Phantom of The Opera - Robert Guillaume / Preview

Robert Guillaume & Elizabeth Stack perform the classic Phantom of the Opera with orchestra by Gene Page and music by Herse Powell.

Phoenix Rising - Krishna Black Eagle / Preview

From his ancestral background, Krishna Black Eagle blends the sounds of traditional rock with native Cherokee Indian flavors creating a unique style of music.

Wanna Make Love - SUN / Preview

One of the greatest records ever cut by Sun. The entire album was eventually renamed after it when the original cover art was changed from a generic sunburst to a literally steaming photo of black Playboy playmate, Azizi Johari.

Sun Burn - SUN / Preview

Sun's got a tightness here that's amazing – right up there with Earth Wind & Fire at their best delivered with a nice sense of righteous energy!



Force of Nature - SUN / Preview

One of the funkiest classic funk albums around!!! Sun treats fans to two more party cuts from this album with the concert staple “Reaction Satisfaction (Jam Ya’ll: Funk It Up)” and the mid tempo groover “This Is What You Wanted,” featuring rhythm guitarist Anthony Thompson and Sheldon Reynolds.Check out the explosive bass playing on this Album.

I Like The Girls - Dark Roses / Preview

DARK ROSES are from London and have been in the forefront of the latest R&B Street Soul boy bands sound... compared to US artists such as Jodeci, Blackstreet, and Boy to Men.

Mary Had A Little Jam  - Blazt Zone / Preview

A Mix of Pop, funk, hip hop, and dance as a contemporary style of the late 80's. Similar to 'Coldcut' and other sample-based groups but includes lead vocal performances by Tiffani Byrd and Paul Latchman compared to 'Prince'. "Mary Had a Little Jam' was a Top 40 US hit. A collectors 'must have' record!!

Every Promise - TwentyFour 7 / Preview

This brilliant, young south London family group dance and sing extraordinarily. 'Every Promise' is smooth , raw street 'R&B'!!! .

Century of Soul Volume 1 - Various Artists / Preview

A collection of great soul and R&B songs from The Ohio Players, Sun, Heatwave, and Marvin Gaye.t

The Lords Prayer - Marvin Gaye / Preview

This is a MUST BUY and rare song for music collectors, for Marvin’s melodic rendition of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ in his graceful tenor and 3 octaves vocal range is like none other!

Charlie Parker - Charlie Parker / Preview

Jazz innovator extraordinaire whose 12 bar solo in Hootie's Blues, recorded in 1941,featured this first recorded solo on a commercial recording and marked a turning point in jazz.

Jazz Archives - Duke Ellington / Preview

One of the the greatest jazz composers and performers,of all times. His music, a unique blend of innovative composition and improvisation has never been successfully imitated.

Best of Holiday Sounds - Various Artists / Preview

A compilation of soulful holiday favourites, produced and recorded by Melvin Couch, accenting the musical flair of nationally and internationally known artists.

Ricky Fante Sings - Ricky Fante / Preview

Ricky Fante sings a tribute to Marvin Gaye and appears in the up-coming movie of Marvin entitled "Father, Father, Why?" Great tracks available now on z7DigiPlay!!

Sun Power - SUN / Preview

SUN sprang into a ten-piece configuration of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists. The album also contained the though-provoking “Conscience,” the dramatic "Time Is Passing,” plus the driving instrumental “We’re So Hot,” which was used in many sports telecasts.

Destination Sun - SUN / Preview

Your Radiation Level will get you mighty high with this hit filled album from SUN. Galactic Funk is the theme which created a fantastic tour 'Back In The Day'.