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Sun Over The Universe - SUN / Preview
Show Sun Over The Universe

Great Funk Album by Sun. (Produced by Sun leader Byron Byrd
and Beau Ray Fleming) Sun entered the 1980s with Sun Over the
Universe, which was the band's fifth album.

All My Life - Donovan / Preview

Donovan is a truly talented artist and actor seen in many TV Shows,TV Adverts, and West End Shows. In this EP Donovan has written, produced, performed all selections.

Give Me A Hug — Ricardo / Preview

The soulful sounds of Ricardo brings a mature refreshing RnB flavour in a similar style to 'Blackstreet'. You will love the groove and vocals harmonies.

God Is Watching You - Ronnie D / Preview

Ronnie D is one of the world's greatest singers as you will hear in the fantastic contemporary gospel song written/ssung by Ronnie with backing vocals by Ronnie and Barbara Horne.

Marvin Gaye- the Man, the Music, the Legend / Preview

Recordings of Marvin Gayes from his last concert tour in the USA. Featuring his orchestra and other artists. His greatest hits are performed with unedited commentary by Marvin Gaye.

Take 5 - Quincy Jones / Preview

Quincy Jones' imaginative work for other artists should not be allowed to obscure the fact that he has made many fine recordings in his own right during the last thirty years.

Best of US Hip Hop- RnB - Various Artists / Preview

With the domination of the US musical coasts in the Hip Hop/Rap market for years, now has come the emergence of another sphere of influence…… the “dirty south.”

Live At The Greek Theater - Heatwave / Preview

Heatwave perform Golden Hits written by former member, Rod Temperton (Writer of Michael Jacksons Thriller), at the Famous Hollywood Greek Theater.

Thelonius Monk - Thelonious Monk / Preview

Bebop, as an American jazz form, cannot be discussed, without making mention of Thelonius Monk, often times referred to as "the high priest of bebop".

Lookin Up - Moin Domi Derho - Triumph / Preview

Triumph features 'Bigga Headz', 'David Harris', 'Capleton', 'Danny English', and '5 Good Reasons' in three great raggae dance tracks that will 'move ya' from the 'get go'.

In Memory of Michael Jackson - Rio / Preview

Exclusive, rare tracks in memory of Michael Jackson. Fantastic sound quality of songs to add to the greatness of talent and influence of Michael Jackson to many fans worldwide.

This Is The Moment - Robert Guillaume / Preview

Robert Guilluame (TV's Benson) features songs from Disney such as The Lion King, Pocahontas, Beauty & the Beast plus Adrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera / Jekyll & Hyde.


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Revival of a Love Story — Cheri Maree / Preview

Cheri Maree is a great female vocalist with a unique style and mix of Jazz plus R'n'B. Cheri Maree has performed with some of the greatest legends of SOUL and R'n'B.

So Infatuated —Alex Charles / Preview

This track shows only one of the great vocal styles Alex Charles can perform. Singer, Songwriter, and Musician...Alex Charles gives you all want of Soul, Funk, R'n'B, and Pop.

I Love You Because — Mike Leroy / Preview

By popular demand Mike Leroy (60's singing sensation) returns to his careerwith a cover of one of Jim Reeves most famous hits, 'I Love You Because' with an unique, reggae beat.

3 Time Loser - Grave Yard Soldjas / Preview

One of the best of Atlanta's Hip Hip Groups. Dirty South in it's finest.

The Lords Prayer - Marvin Gaye / Preview

This is a MUST BUY and rare song for music collectors, for Marvin’s melodic rendition of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ in his graceful tenor and 3 octaves vocal range is like none other!

Christmas With Patti Boulaye - Patti Boulaye / Preview

This Superb Album of the Greatest Christmas songs ever recorded features the fantastic vocals harmony of Patti Boulaye with vocal arrangements by Byron Byrd.

Century of Soul Volume 1 - Various Artists / Preview

A collection of great soul and R&B songs from The Ohio Players, Sun, Heatwave, and Marvin Gaye.t

Century of Soul Volume 1 - Various Artists / Preview

The Ohio Players have and always will be the innovators of funk and R'n'B music. Selling multi-Gold and multi-Platinum records.

Best of Sun Volume 1 Collectors ... - Sun / Preview

As one of the world's funk legends, SUN continues it's reputation with funky music laced with unique guitar,bass lines, and vocal harmonies which made the band famous.

Real Funk - Liberty / Preview

IT'S YOUR DESTINY TO FUNK IT UP WITH THIS SLAMMIN' Album! From London, one of the funkiest RnB bands on the planet Earth... Europe's Numero Uno Funk Band, LIBERTY.

Greatest Hits, Volume 1 - Mass Lowe / Preview

The sounds and songs of Mass Lowe are well-known all over West Africa germinating from his roots in The Gambia and Senegal.

Video Freak - 5 Good Reasons / Preview

Great girl band with beauty and talent to equal perform 'Video Freak' inspired by their relationship with a video game company whom used their images for a fighting game.